Attorney Omar Chawdhary Handles Arbitration Case, Client Awarded Big

A young woman was crossing the street with her mother in Glendale, Arizona. Using the crosswalk, she and her mother were granted the right-of-way and entered the intersection. Without warning, a negligent motorist driving a jeep swung left through the intersection and struck the young woman in the chest.

The force of the impact was great enough to throw the young woman backward off the hood of the car. She suffered a broken wrist and substantial bruising and scarring. In order to recover from her wounds, she needed to be in a cast for 6 weeks and entered rehabilitation therapy sessions for her wrist, which lasted for more than two months. The medical bills were substantial.

While looking for a trustworthy injury attorney, she eventually contacted Webster Vicknair MacLeod. After reviewing the details of the case and potential sources of evidence, Mr. Chawdhary and our client ultimately decided that arbitration might be the best way to resolve her case quickly and provide her with the compensation she deserved. Arbitration involves the plaintiff and the defendant in a personal injury claim both agreeing to discuss the circumstances of the case to a neutral third-party – the arbitrator – and also agreeing to keep the case out of court. The arbitrator is tasked with coming up with an amicable conclusion, which is most often legally binding and may not be appealed.

Mr. Chawdhary represented our client, the young woman who was struck by the negligent jeep driver, during the arbitration session and also helped her build her argument. We are proud to be able to say that the arbitrator decided that our client should be awarded $50,441.57 in damages, which is more than twice her total medical bills.

This case is just one of many fantastic stories of case result victories from Webster Vicknair MacLeod. Our Houston personal injury attorneys have more than 120 years of combined legal experience focused on injury claims, and we never stop striving to be even greater than we were yesterday. If you want a legal team that can deliver big firm results but with the compassionate personality of a small law firm, you should call us at (713) 396-5197 or use an online contact form to let us know what has happened to you, and we will let you know how we can help.

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