Atty. Jason Webster Wins $7.64M Verdict in Suicide Case

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Webster Vicknair MacLeodHelps Parents of Suicidal Teen Win Wrongful Death Case Against Daughter’s Negligent Doctor

In August of 2012, 14-year-old Avery Washington committed suicide.

In March of that year, her mother, Ginger Thompson, took her to Pediatrics Cool Care in Ennis, Texas, where Jenelle Robinson (a physician’s assistant) diagnosed Avery with depression and prescribed a single, 30-day supply of an antidepressant called Celexa. Another medical assistance refilled this prescription 3 times.

In April, Avery visited the clinic again, this time with complaints of a headache. She visited with a nurse practitioner named Allyn Kawalek. All of this occurred without the approval or supervision of Dr. Jose J. Salguero, the lead pediatrician, and director of Pediatrics Cool Care.

Avery ultimately decided to take her own life by overdosing on an antihistamine called diphenhydramine, leaving behind her mother and father, as well as two siblings. Her parents sued the clinic and staff members who were involved in treating Avery, including Robinson, Kawalek, and Dr. Salguero. The parents alleged that the clinic was managed haphazardly and in such a way that contributed to their daughter’s wrongful death, which could have been prevented if the clinic staff had followed proper protocol in approving Avery’s prescriptions and treatments with Dr. Salguero.

The jury, in this case, decided in favor of the parents, thanks to the help of Attorney Jason C. Webster, our founding attorney. They ultimately ruled that both Robinson and Salguero were partially responsible for Avery’s death, awarding $2.7 million to Ginger Thompson and $4.9 million to Brad Washington, Avery’s father.

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