What Are the Responsibilities of the Pilot?

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When someone makes a decision to be a pilot—whether for personal use, private company, or large airline—they are making the decision to protect their own life, and the lives of any other passengers who may be on their aircraft with them.

As such, it’s imperative for the pilot to ensure that they are taking every step necessary to ensure all precautions are considered and they are adhering to the responsibilities set forth by their position. Here are some of the responsibilities of the pilot to ensure passenger safety.

Initial and Continued Training

Pilots must undergo training to receive their proper licensing and certification. They must do this before they even take flight regardless of the position they hold. This is imperative to understanding flight controls, systems, and more.

Pilots must also ensure that they continue training, even after they start flying to ensure they’re capable of operating different types of aircraft if necessary, as well as understanding new technology in the industry. Failure to properly train can lead to significant problems.

Pre and Post-Flight Inspections

Pilots should know their aircraft and any issues they may encounter when operating it. As such, before they take off for a flight, the pilot should inspect the aircraft inside and out to ensure there’s nothing broken, worn, out of place, or malfunctioning.

Similarly, the pilot should inspect the aircraft after flight to determine if any damage was caused during the flight. These inspections allow the pilot to make any necessary adjustments or repairs before a serious and catastrophic problem occurs.

Pilots must also ensure that they are safely operating the aircraft—which means they should not be under the influence, they should be coherent and aware, and capable of flying.

Our Houston aviation accident attorneys are aware that not all pilots adhere to the responsibilities expected of them. When they don’t, they put the passengers on their aircraft, those on the ground, and numerous others in significant danger.

At Webster Vicknair MacLeod, we represent individuals across the entire nation in complex aviation accident lawsuits. We recognize when a pilot is negligent and can take the necessary steps to pursue legal action and compensation on behalf of survivors or family members of those lost.

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