Is Someone Liable If Natural Situations Result In an Aviation Accident?

Imagine hearing about a loved one being involved in an aviation accident. You want to point the finger at someone and hold them accountable for their actions. However, what happens when the cause of the airplane crash is determined to be something natural, like weather?

When an aviation accident is caused by weather, it calls into question the ability to prove liability. However, with experienced legal representation on your side, you may be able to identify your potential legal options moving forward.

What Natural Causes Can Create an Aviation Danger?

Natural causes in aviation accidents can vary, but most are typically around when there is a storm. These natural causes can include the following:

  • Thunder and lightning can have a significant impact on an airplane’s flight. If lighting comes in contact with the plane, it can cause significant damage to the systems, resulting in the pilot losing control of the aircraft. It may also create a fire should the lightning strike the fuel tanks.
  • Visibility is an important factor for pilots, so when there is a thick layer of fog, it can make it difficult for pilots to navigate safely or land properly.
  • Strong winds can create difficulties for pilots when flying. Sometimes, it can also be so strong that it threatens the aircraft entirely.

Can Someone Still Be Responsible for the Damages?

In situations where natural dangers are a threat to an aircraft and can cause a serious accident, it may be difficult to understand if someone is still considered negligent. However, it’s still possible if the flight path was not properly investigated and the aircraft was knowingly allowed to fly in dangerous conditions.

You may hear of flights being canceled all the time due to inclement weather. If this wasn’t the case, and a plane was allowed to fly into dangerous conditions, there may be liability involved and the families of those lost may have the right to take legal action.

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