Famous Aviation Accidents

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Over the years, there have been numerous airplane crashes—some of which have changed the industry completely. As part of today’s blog, we wanted to discuss some of the most famous aviation accidents and their causes and show how change arises from these devastating crashes.

United Airlines Flight 173 — Portland

United Airlines flight 173 encountered a problem with the landing gear and the pilot had to circle the airport for nearly an hour. According to reports, the captain was aware of the aircraft’s diminishing fuel supply, yet waited an extended period of time before approaching for a landing.

As a result, the plane ran out of fuel, crashing into a suburb, and 10 people were killed.

It caused the airliner to change cockpit training protocols to emphasize communication and teamwork.

United Airlines Flight 232 — Sioux City

The flight, going from Denver to Chicago, encountered engine failure in the tail engine. As a result, the hydraulic lines were severed, and the plane became uncontrollable. Of the 296 passengers, 185 survived after the plane crashed off of the runway and caught fire.

It was determined later that the mechanics had failed to identify a disk fan crack. This went as far back as the manufacturing of the part and the FAA ordered new methods of inspections and modifications of the hydraulic systems being used.

U.S. Air Flight 427 — Pittsburgh

Upon its landing approach in Pittsburgh, the U.S. Air flight 427 suddenly rolled to the left. The Boeing 737 dropped 5,000 feet, crashing into the ground and all 132 passengers on board were killed. Investigations showed that the rudder had moved to the full left position.

While the airliner and the manufacturer blamed different parties, it took five years for investigations to show that it was a jammed valve that resulted in the rudder reversing. The pilots pressed the right pedal, but the rudder had gone left, causing the roll. Boeing was forced to retrofit over 2,800 of their jetliners.

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