What Is the Role of the FAA After an Aviation Accident?

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Because of the complex nature of aviation accidents, one of the most important factors to consider following the airplane crash is evidence. There are so many potential causes that evidence can prove to be the most beneficial thing for you as either someone who suffered an injury or the family of someone fatally injured in an airplane crash.

After an accident, the Federal Aviation Administration is one of the organizations responsible for coming in and determining the potential cause of the crash. However, there are certain activities that they are responsible for in the industry.

This includes the following:

  • Safety Regulation: The FAA is responsible for creating and enforcing the regulations that dictate the manufacturing, operating, and maintenance of aircraft in the industry, as well as certification of airmen and airports.
  • Airspace and Air Traffic Management: The FAA is responsible for providing for safe airspace usage, utilizing airport towers and flight service stations. The FAA also assigns rules and use of airspace.
  • Research and Investigation: The FAA is responsible for investigating the scene of an aviation accident following the crash. They determine potential causes using significant data found at the scene of the crash and computer data.

The findings from the FAA investigation can be absolutely imperative to understanding how any aircraft crashes, whether it be system malfunction or pilot error. This information can be used as evidence by the injured or the families of decedents in holding the negligent party responsible.

After any kind of airplane crash, it is imperative you speak with an aviation accident attorney to better understand your rights. Whether you were injured in the crash or lost a loved one, legal action can help to gain an understanding of what comes next.

At Webster Vicknair MacLeod, we work hard to help our clients recognize what comes next when it comes to legal action. If you need to take legal action against a pilot, airliner, or manufacturer, we’re ready to help you move forward.

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