How do Prescription Errors Happen?

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In the event of a serious condition, doctors may prescribe medications to help treat the ailments. While you expect that these prescriptions will help you get to where you need to be, there are numerous issues that can occur that could be more harmful than beneficial.

For any patient who may face this type of situation, it’s imperative to recognize how prescription errors happen and how it can be chalked up to medical negligence. This can help you recognize what legal options may be available to you to move forward.


Misdiagnosis is one of the top causes of prescription errors. When a doctor diagnoses the patient with an incorrect condition, they may try to prescribe various medications that are either not needed or don’t treat the ailment from which the patient is suffering.

This is often done without knowing the current medication the patient is taking or whether or not they have allergies regarding certain prescriptions. This can lead to significant problems and harm for the patient.


Whenever a doctor puts a prescription in for a patient, they must ensure that they are providing the right information on the chart. If the doctor writes a wrong number or accidentally types an additional number, it can result in the patient receiving a higher dosage.

Similarly, if doctors do not report allergies, there may be a prescription that the patient receives that can cause allergic reactions.

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