What are Common Pharmaceutical Errors?

pharmacist with a prescription bottle

Pharmaceutical errors typically go undiscussed in small circles, but in the legal world, they’re brought up quite often when you consider mass tort law. After all, not everyone recognizes what they are and how often they actually happen. They chalk up certain symptoms to side effects and never give it a second guess.

Unfortunately, there are some common pharmaceutical errors that can happen in medical malpractice that don’t involve problems from the manufacturer. Instead, the mistake is made by a medical professional who you trust with your care.

Wrong Medication Prescribed

Part of misdiagnosis issues is the potential for the doctor to prescribe the patient the wrong type of medication. They think the patient has a certain condition, so they prescribe what is needed. However, if the diagnosis was incorrect, the patient doesn’t need that medication, and worse, it can cause adverse reactions.

Wrong Dosage of Medication Prescribed

Overdosing on medications is a potential problem that can arise if the wrong dosage is prescribed to a patient. This can be done when medical professionals jot down the wrong number or write intelligibly. Overall, if the patient takes too much of a medication, it can be damaging to the body.

Not Checking for Allergies

Doctors must ask patients if they are allergic to any type of medication before prescribing them with something. If they fail to do so, they run the risk of prescribing a medication that can be dangerous to the patient’s health.

Not Asking About Current Medications

Some medications do not work well with others and can cause more harm than good when taken together. Doctors should ask which medication the patient is currently taking to avoid prescribing something that wouldn’t react well and be considered dangerous.

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