Over the Years: Have Railroad Worker Injuries Improved?

railroad workers

For years, one of the least talked about industries in terms of workplace injuries has been the railroad industry. Workers have suffered serious injuries over the years, but has it gotten better or worse since stats have been recorded?

It’s imperative to know what has changed and the various impacts on workplace safety.

From 1990 to Today

In 1990, a total of 553 million hours were worked by employees in the railroad work industry. As of 2018, numbers have decreased significantly with a total of 437 million hours worked. This has also led to a decrease in the total number of injuries suffered by employees and fatalities.

The number of hours worked may have some kind of impact on the total number of injuries in the industry. Whereas 1998 saw 37.9 injuries per million employee hours, 2018 had an 8.8 injury rate per million employee hours. This can potentially be chalked up to the improved work hours.

Can Numbers Be Improved Further?

As numbers improve, there can be a number of factors considered as beneficial in helping reduce the number of injuries sustain. But there are still injuries that occur and it’s imperative for those in the industry to continue to prioritize safety.

Employers must ensure they’re properly inspecting safety equipment and tools, providing workers with safe workplaces, and enforcing the rules and regulations of the industry. This can help in the long-term reduction of injuries involving railroad employees.

At Webster Vicknair MacLeod, we’re also firm believers that those injured can take legal action to help incite change. Holding negligent parties accountable can help promote the necessary safety measures that must be in place to prevent further injuries in the workplace.

Our railroad work injury attorneys are here to help. We are dedicated to your rights as a railroad worker and if you sustain an injury at the hands of someone else’s actions, you deserve to pursue justice and seek the compensation to help cover expenses associated with their losses.

If you’ve been injured, call our firm today at (713) 396-5197.

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