Meet 2017 Texas Rising Stars℠ Attorneys Vicknair & Chawdhary

Houston personal injury attorneys Heidi Vicknair and Omar Chawdhary of Webster Vicknair MacLeodhave each been named to the 2017 Texas Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ list. Super Lawyers® is known coast-to-coast for locating, recognizing, and promoting attorneys who have excelled throughout their careers and gained the appreciation and respect of their peers. The publication is distributed to the country’s top law firms and may be advertised on attorney websites for potential clients to see.

Only 5% of all attorneys will be chosen for each year’s Super Lawyers® lists, and only 2.5% of the nation’s attorneys can be named on the Rising Stars℠ lists. To become a Rising Stars℠ member, a lawyer must be under the age of 40, or have been in practice for less than 10 years; in either circumstance, it is a remarkable achievement and showcases their unmatched understanding of legalities and litigation. It is truly an honor for Attorneys Chawdhary and Vicknair to be named on the 2017 Texas roster and we are proud to be able to announce it.

More Information About the Super Lawyers® Selection Process

Super Lawyers® is widely respected due to its thoroughness when choosing its yearly members. It has patented a multiphase selection process – click here for a diagram explaining it – that ensures only lawyers at the top of their class are chosen.

It begins with nominations coming from legal peers, past clients, and specialized researchers at Super Lawyers®; a lawyer cannot place their own name into the nomination pool and they may never campaign to gain the nomination of others. After thousands of attorneys are nominated in each state, in-depth independent research is conducted to determine their verdict history, legal experience, honors, education, licenses, and so on. A Blue Ribbon Panel is then used to conduct peer evaluations of the top picks, who will be sorted once more before the final selection.

We would once again like to congratulate Attorney Chawdhary and Attorney Vicknair for their continued dedication and excellence at Webster Vicknair MacLeod. If you would like to know about our firm’s services, or if you know you need a Houston personal injury attorney you can rely on, contact us online today or call (713) 396-5197.

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